Monday, February 28, 2005

I can remember when...

I can remember when I was growing up in Northern Virginia, my parents would tell me about suffering through huge snow storms when they were kids; nothing ever closed. For us in the DC area, the sight of a snow flake would shut the city down. Today, well, today all it takes is the threat of snow to shut the city down.
All major school systems announced closures this morning and the Federal government announced an "unscheduled leave" policy as the National Weather Service warned of a three- to- six inch snowfall across most of the Washington region with considerably more expected farther out to the west.

While few, if any, snowflakes had been spotted anywhere near the city limits by 7 a.m., forecasters (and radar) said they were on their way.
I'm in Bethesda, and at the moment, nothing: cold and overcast snows, but not a flake to be seen.

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