Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mediation can bring unique settlements

Reading the local newspaper, I came across a story which reiterates that mediation can produce unique settlements for disagreements.
As part of settlement, parents of drunk driver agree to move

Reminders of her son’s death lurk everywhere for Donna Chambers.

She cries at the grocery store when she sees Landon’s favorite kind of Pop-Tarts . More tears come at the mailbox when letters from colleges arrive addressed to him.

Sometimes, just driving through her neighborhood, she must pass the house of the drunken driver who killed her son.

But not for much longer.

As part of the settlement of the Chambers family’s lawsuits against Roy Lee Everett and his parents, Frank and Teresa Everett, the Everetts will sell their home and move out of the neighborhood where both families live.

“It’s just too close,” Chambers said last week. “That can’t happen soon enough for me.”

The Everetts have until April to move and until July to sell their house on Azalea Garden Road.

The families reached a settlement in December through mediation. The final orders in the lawsuits were entered in Norfolk Circuit Court last month.
Like some judge would come up with having a family move as part of a settlement. Not hardly. But, for mediation cases, I guess it's not so unusual. Mediation helps people in disagreement craft a solution that works for everyone.

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