Monday, February 07, 2005

Some things I just don't understand

Boston. All of Boston is atwitter with last night's Patriot's win in Jacksonville. I'm thinking it's just a game, but, er, I guess not.

So today, talk of last night's game was all encompassing at the office where I'm spending the week. One of the folks at the office told a tale of his brother-in-law who had tickets to the game. He didn't use them. Yeh, that's right: he didn't use them. And it's not that he gave them away or sold them. No, they went to waste. Empty seats.

So, I'm thinking, he must have had something more important to do. Nope. He stayed home this weekend; he watched the game on the tube.

Hmmm... It seems that during the preseason, this same guy passed on attending a neice's wedding in Colorado, because he had tickets to a Patriot's game.

Yes. He passed on his neice's wedding to attend a preseason game. And he passed on the Superbowl so he could sit at home in his underwear?

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