Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tied up... and scalped...

This is just disgusting... Nothing more I can say...
A 16-year-old girl was allegedly tied up and scalped with a 4-inch knife in what police say may have been an act of revenge by another woman.

The girl, who had a punk-style mohawk haircut before the attack, is recovering at home. Doctors could not reattach her scalp, which was found near a hot spring.

Police searched for Marianne Dahle, 26, who disappeared after the Jan. 18 attack at Kirkham Hot Springs, about 70 miles from Boise.

"When I say this gal was scalped, she was truly scalped," said Chief Deputy Bill Braddock. "The top of her head, her hair, was completely cut off."
Well, I could say Dahle should suffer the same fate.

The article goes on to say,
Dahle and the victim, whose name was not released, were longtime acquaintances and hung out with a punk clique, he said.

"The motive, as near as we've been told by witnesses, was retaliation for acting in a way that the adult perceived as being offensive to women as a gender," Braddock said. "According to their creed, if you disrespect women you are not allowed to wear a mohawk."
Now, I'm not actually advocating that we should cut off Dahle's scalp, as that would be as barbaric as she was... maybe we should just cut off her hand. Or maybe just the fingers and thumb on one hand.

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