Tuesday, February 08, 2005

What's Warren Buffet say?

While checking out my Bloglines subscription, I came across a post at An Aggregated Life that talked about another blogger, Darren Johnson at Stuff I Think (are you confused yet?), who recently spent 6 hours with Warren Buffet.

You're perhaps wondering why I give a hoot. Well, Zesmerelda's brief post, caught my attention:
6 Hours with Warren Buffet

Darren Johnson at Stuff I Think spent six hours in a room with Warren Buffet talking about Warren's key success factors. The discussion didn't mention money or markets, but instead focused on the following:

  1. Be Grateful
  2. Be Ethical and Fair
  3. Be Trustworthy
  4. Invest in Your Circle of Competence
  5. Do What You Love
A great post about a great opportunity. Read the details.
What caught my attention? The fact that Buffet was really talking about leadership. Plain and simple: leadership.

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