Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The FBI Terrorism Task Force is looking for me

I'm in Bethesda, and it seems that agents from the FBI, assigned to the Joint terrorism Task Force in Hampton Roads, have been to my house this morning. Seems they want to talk to me...

I'm wondering if it's because I posted the following last week.
When I first read this story, I honed in on the "He allegedly discussed a Bush assassination plot with an unnamed Al Qaeda member, either using a car bomb or 'getting close enough to the President to shoot him on the street.'" And I started thinking: hell, I've discussed on this very blog ways to terrorize Hampton Roads and take out critical transportation hubs. I wonder if I'm afoul of some law.
Should I be worried? Will they visit me here at the Residence Inn?

Dear FBI Special Agents, just stop in to the front desk; I'm sure they'll provide the room number. I'm here, in a meeting, with my colleagues... And we're not talking about terrorism.

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