Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I find my way into the local paper

Hoping the Rally buzz will start churning. Come on friends, check out the Rally blog and the newly updated Rally website and then block out June 25th on your calendar: spend the afternoon at Yorktown listening to vibrant live music, stimulating speeches, and uplifting poetry.

I'm quoted in the AP story posted at the Virginian Pilot:
The educational rights group, on the other hand, hopes to be as far from the neo-Nazis as possible, said Peter Stinson of Portsmouth, one of the rally organizers.

"My hope for the day is that I don't see a brown shirt," Stinson said, referring to the Nazi uniform.

The Pennsylvania organization, which is headed by Stinson's brother, Philip, held a similar demonstration at Valley Forge when the National Socialist Movement rallied there last September.

Its plan in Virginia is to act as an umbrella organization for area groups that want to protest the Nazi gathering, Peter Stinson said.

The group received a grant from the Southern Poverty Law Center for the rally last fall and hopes to receive the same backing for Yorktown, Stinson said.
So, let's hear it for social justice, diversity, tolerance, and non-violence.

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