Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My federal friends

Still waiting for Special Agent Morgan to give me a call. Wondering who's asking after me, and why, I surfed over to the FBI's web site. Here's a little something on the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Hampton Roads:
On a local level, the Norfolk Office of the FBI created the Tidewater Joint Terrorism Task Force (TJTTF), which in addition to FBI Special Agents, is composed of law enforcement and intelligence officers from local, state, military and federal agencies. Though housed in and managed by the Norfolk FBI Office, it is a partnership designed to serve all participants, with the shared goal of making our Hampton Roads community and our country safer. The TJTTF addresses international and domestic terrorism matters and related concerns designed to prevent acts of terrorism. The clear benefits are the ease with which useful information and intelligence is shared among the participating agencies, the coordination of investigative efforts, and the unique investigative skills and contributions each participating agency brings.
I'm still wondering why they want to chat with me. Perhaps it's like when you get called into the boss's office; you may think it's for something bad, when it's really a non-issue or something good. Human nature: always suspect the worst.

So, thinking about the worst, I, of course, figure they got the goods on me for something. And, if they're from the TJTTF, then it must be terrorism.
What is terrorism? The FBI defines terrorism as an act or threat of violence intended to coerce or intimidate the public or the U.S. government. The FBI further distinguishes acts of terrorism by who is behind it. International acts of terrorism are conceived and committed by transnational groups or individuals, though international acts of terrorism may of course occur on U.S. soil. By contrast, domestic acts of terrorism are planned and carried out by Americans entirely in the U.S. The common thread among terrorists is a hatred of the U.S. government and its policies.
Hmmm, The common thread among terrorists is a hatred of the U.S. government and its policies.Well, that's not me, as anyone who knows me knows. Guess they want me for a non-issue...


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