Wednesday, March 02, 2005

One AM and things aren't looking all that great

My shoulders ache. My arm aches. I'd like to suggest both are from working out; I'd be lying. It's tension. Here it is, 1 AM. I'm in the Residence Inn at Bethesda; tomorrow, I have a meeting with fellow Coasties for a team I'm supposedly leading. Everyone was to do some work and I'm consolidating it into a single 60 page document. I have input from everyone but one person. And it's 1 AM; I'm tired; and I still have to email the document off to some cyber holding spot and walk down to Kinko's and print the document out and make ten copies... all before 8 AM when we sit down to review the document. And I've called the one hold-out; he checked into the hotel hours ago but didn't make our preliminary meeting this evening, and he didn't answer the phone when I called, so I don't even know if he's done the work, and I'm wondering if I should just head over to Kinko's now and print what I have, which is about 6/7 of the document, or should I hold out hope on hope that my delinquent colleague is merely delinquent and not going to diss me altogether?

Did I mention it's 1 AM and my shoulders ache and my arm aches and my eyes ache, and I really want to get some shut-eye?

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