Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Stinson cans 49 employees

Ouch! No, not me, silly... I don't have any employees...
Forty-nine workers learned March 3 that production of herring products at Stinson Seafood’s plant in Bath is over, effective that day.
The good news is that the other Stinson plant is staying open...
“This means nothing but good things for Prospect Harbor,” said Roger Webber, the production manager at both Stinson facilities. “It means that all production will be moved to the Prospect Harbor facility. It means we’ll finally have year-round, 100 percent employment in Prospect Harbor.”

A division of California-based Bumble Bee Seafoods, the Stinson plant in Prospect Harbor now employs 122 production workers. Webber plans to increase that number to 130 immediately and expects to hire approximately 15 more workers in June to boost year-round staffing to 145 production workers.

“It was decided that those who lost jobs in Bath will be given first consideration if they want to apply for any open position in Prospect Harbor,” Webber said. “There has not been a lot of interest in that, which I expected, but I’m pretty sure at least a couple of people will move up here.”
I was worried, you know: thought when I saw the headline that I wouldn't be able to buy little cans of Stinson sardines anymore.

Sounds like great work; I'm thinking I'll move up to Maine and see if I can get a job.
The job description posted says general laborers must be physically capable of moderate to heavy lifting and standing for long periods. Workers wear waterproof clothing and other protective devices while working with machinery, equipment and tools.

“Fish odors and wetness are part of the job,” the job description says. “Shifts are often irregular, depending on the supply of product, on average 40 hours a week. In addition, there will be some overtime and weekends required.”
My kind of work; we all know how much I love the smell of fish and being wet.

And, it looks like the Stinson name will be around a while longer on cans of fish.
Bumble Bee recently invested $12 million in upgrading its Prospect Harbor herring products plant. It assumed operations of the plant through an April 2004 merger with Connors Bros. of New Brunswick.

During 2004 the Prospect Harbor plant processed 310,000 cases of sardine products, each case containing 100 individual cans. This year’s production target is 445,000 cases.
Damn, that's a lot of fish.

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