Thursday, April 28, 2005

And what are you so worried about?

Bill in Redmond might be worried, but there's no need for you to fret. We may not benefit from having oodles of bucks, but we certainly benefit from the crowds shouting freedom.
We've put together a series of Windows XP, SUSE 9.3 and Ubuntu 5.04 desktop screen shots as a side-by-side comparison of some of the common desktop features available in the modern operating system desktop.

Windows users need not fear making the switch to Linux in this day and age, with the mature desktop environments currently available. There are features available in Windows that are not present in the KDE and GNOME environments, and visa-versa, but the most common features used in Windows are present in Linux.

This comparison is based on a default Windows XP installation, the SUSE 9.3 Live DVD and the Ubuntu 5.04 Live CD, without additional software being installed. So we begin.
Yes, let us.

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