Friday, April 29, 2005

Find the theme in the news today

Can you find the theme?

First, Doomsayers Say Benedict Fits World End Prophecy:
Benedict, believers say, fits the description of the second-to-last pope listed under the prophecy before the Last Judgement, when the bible says God separates the wicked from the righteous at the end of time.
Next, we have a little news from the world of Disney. Blogger who gave unauthorized tours bounced from Disneyland:

Hill, a 46-year-old New Hampshire man, is a Disney fan - though one who looks at Mickey Mouse's domain with a critical eye. He writes a blog on Disney, and for the past few years, he has offered guided but unauthorized tours of Disneyland, charging $25 US per person....

As Hill describes it on his blog, Disney officials shut down his venture after three women who signed up for an official tour inadvertently ended up in his group. The women reported him after park staff gave them trouble about rescheduling their original tour, Hill said.

That's when the Mouse cracked down....
And finally, legit news organizations are conspiring to screw with bloggers. Man claims CNN messed with his blog:
MIGHTY NEWS network CNN has been accused of trying to boost its search engine ratings and destroy negative publicity by placing posts on people's blogs.
That's the remarkable claim of Nick Lewis at smart, here CNN is spamming blogs in a sophisticated Google attack designed to lower the rank of posts critical of CNN, by introducing spam into the comment stream.
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