Thursday, April 14, 2005

Inspired to take out Windows

Maybe, just maybe, Windows has met it's match. Gary Krakow, a member of what I would consider the mainstream press (MSNBC) is even excited:
I don’t always get excited about what I’m testing. Products can be good but still wind up leaving me flat. That’s especially true of a product I’ve tested a number of times in the past. Incremental upgrades never make my heart skip a beat.

Except for this upgrade: Linspire 5.0. Linspire is an operating system for PCs based on Linux. Linspire used to be called Lindows, but the company changed its name so that no one would confuse it with any another operating system.
I wonder which OS they were concerned about? Actually, I think it was the folks from Redmond that were confused, but that's another story altogether.

My new computer ought to be arriving any day now. My only disappointment: it'll have Linspire 4.5 & I'll be missing out on the 1200 improvements we find in Five-O.

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