Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Just how many reservists are actually on active duty?

The latest mobilization figures from the Department of Defense:
National Guard and Reserve Mobilized as of April 20, 2005

This week, the Air Force announced an increase, while the Army, Navy and Coast Guard had a decrease in the number of reservists on active duty in support of the partial mobilization. The Marine Corps had no change in their numbers. The net collective result is 155 fewer reservists mobilized than last week.

At any given time, services may mobilize some units and individuals while demobilizing others, making it possible for these figures to either increase or decrease. Total number currently on active duty in support of the partial mobilization for the Army National Guard and Army Reserve is 149,427; Naval Reserve, 3,968; Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve, 9,290; Marine Corps Reserve, 12,544; and the Coast Guard Reserve, 580. This brings the total National Guard and Reserve personnel, who have been mobilized, to 175,809, including both units and individual augmentees.

A cumulative roster of all National Guard and Reserve personnel, who are currently mobilized, can be found at site.

I wonder about that Coast Guard figure. I'm pretty sure it doesn't include reservists who have served a two-year call-up and have voluntarilly accepted continued active duty orders under a "contract" basis... Does the Coast Guard continue to play with numbers (such as we did not-so-recently ago, putting people who complete their active duty time into the Selected Reserve -- even if they had no desire to serve as a reservist -- so we could bulk-up our SELRES numbers)?

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