Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Until now, I hadn't considered becoming a hunter

Until now, I hadn't considered becoming a hunter: putting on my blaze orange outfit, grabbing my shotgun, and heading out into the woods to take my share of the natural bounty of the land. Like I said, until now, that is.
Cat lovers might be outraged by the idea of allowing hunters to stalk their furry friends, but some naturalists say pet owners ought to take the proposal as a wake-up call to be more responsible.

The issue of whether to make feral cats an unprotected species, meaning they could be hunted and killed, was put before the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, an independent organization created by the state 70 years ago to take public input on conservation issues, last night. Representatives from 72 counties listened to residents' concerns about the issue.
That's right: Cat Hunting Considered in Wisconsin! Let's go hunting! I'm packing my bags now.

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