Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Coast Guard is truly incestuous

Surfing Google News, I discovered that the Coast Guard Academy held a change of command yesterday. Rear Adm. James C. Van Sice succeeded Rear Adm. Robert C. "Rube" Olsen Jr. as superintendent. Van Sice, a 1974 academy graduate, will be the 38th superintendent.

Okay. No real news there... and then there was this bit:
A major task awaiting Van Sice's attention is to complete the formation of the Institute for Leadership and Ethics, which has secured James Loy, former Coast Guard commandant and deputy secretary for homeland security, as its first leadership chairman.
My first thought is Didn't we get rid of Loy several years ago? What's he doing back here? And my second thought was slightly more, er, insightful, perhaps. What the @#$% is the Institute for Leadership and Ethics? I haven't heard about this? Is it merely a new name for the Leadership Development Center, or is it something new? And, we're going to get Admiral Loy to be the head of this new entity? Wasn't he at the helm when we attempted to bury the Morning Dew case, or are my years messed up?

More to follow, I'm sure.

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