Friday, May 06, 2005

The Expo is over

And most everyone has packed up and left. Last flight to the east coast left before the end of my meetings, so I'm here another night. Ass dragging so much, I came back to the hotel and fell asleep for a little nap... four hours worth.

Thinking on the previous post -- underway for 600 hours a month -- and realized the 600 hours must have been for all three crews... More likely, each individual is getting about 200 hours a month underway... which would be 1200 in six months... which is still gonna kill 'em...

Let's see, the minimum required to stay current is 40 hours in six months... and they're doing thirty times that... or 3000% of the minimum required... Even if they're maintaining with no more than 8 hours a day underway to stay under the crew fatigue standards, they're gonna wipe themselves out.

I find it of interest we have a mininum number of hours required in a six month period and a maximum number of hours in a 24 hour period, but no defined band for long-term underay... for example, maybe we want people to get underway more than 40 hours (which, by-the-by, is really the max number of hours a reservist can get during normal IDT) and less than 200 hours (which would be 8 hours a week) in a six-month period. They've got to spend time in shoreside training and maintenance...

Well, we've killed that topic... moving on, now.

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  1. Imagine how thier families feel about them being gone for such lengths of time...