Friday, May 27, 2005

Octogenarians in the jungles of the southern Philippines

This one reads like a story-line from Gilligan's Island: Japan says WWII soldiers in Philipines!
Japanese diplomats investigated claims Friday that two former Japanese soldiers have been hiding in the mountains of the southern Philippines since World War II.

The health ministry, in charge of repatriating Japanese overseas, said it was sending an official to the southern Philippine city of General Santos on Saturday to join Japanese embassy officials attempting to reach the pair.
Wasn't there a Japanese Navy officer -- didn't he have a sub -- who frequented Gilligan's Island? He didn't know the war was over. These men seem to know the war is over.
Media reports in Japan said the two octogenarians lived on the southern island of Mindanao and used equipment suggesting they were former soldiers, with one report saying they were separated from their division and later wanted to return to Japan but feared they would face a court-martial.
I wonder if they'll get back pay?

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