Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Report from the Coast Guard's Innovation Expo

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA. Well, the Governor didn't show up, but then all the printed material said "invited" and not confirmed. I guess that's how to do it: the next time I plan a conference, I'll invite the President, and then list him as "invited" while knowing he's really never, ever going to show up.

The sessions so far have been good. Vice Admiral Allen spoke this morning about the dangers of becoming domain-focused. As he noted, those who threaten us will use the seams to get at us. If we, as an organization, become focused on the maritime domain, without taking into consideration the other domains, we're sunk.

I hope, I hope, I hope his message has been heard. Somehow, with all our agency focus on Maritime Domain Awareness, I doubt it.

This afternoon, Erik R. Peterson from the Center for Strategic and International Studies spoke about the Seven Revolutions which will drive the future. Like S&P and the Pentagon's New Map all wrapped up together. Fascinating stuff, and, if I didn't have another session to get my ass to, I'd write more about it. Be assured, more to follow.

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