Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What is torture?

And it's not being married, as much as many men might want to claim it is. Check out this piece at Slate which will provide you more information than you can likely take in on the mid-watch and concludes by saying,
It is not true, as many in the Arab world believe, that the United States has embarked on a reckless campaign of torture and abuse of its Arab prisoners of war. But what has happened—a slow slide from coherent, consistent standards for interrogation and treatment of prisoners to a sometimes ad-hoc, occasionally brutal search for information at all costs—should warrant public outcry. That it has not suggests either that this shift doesn't interest us because it affects outsiders, or that we no longer consider torture or near-torture to be beyond the bounds of civil conduct.
Civil conduct: now there's a term I don't hear used too often.

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