Thursday, June 02, 2005

Coast Guard cutter's commanding officer relieved for cause

Hmmm... from the upper reaches of the Coast Guard's Ninth District, this two-week old story just breaking now:
The U.S. Coast Guard has removed Lt. Cmdr. Mike McBrady as captain of the 225-foot-cutter Hollyhock because his commanding admiral said he lacks the leadership needed to command the ship and its crew.

McBrady calls the firing unfair and said it is the result of a clash of leadership styles. He is appealing the decision....

Coast Guard Rear Adm. Robert Papp made the decision May 13 to relieve McBrady.

"The cause is for personnel issues and command climate on board the vessel," Coast Guard spokesman Chief Petty Officer Jeff Hall said.

McBrady temporarily has been reassigned to the Coast Guard Sector Detroit. Papp in a statement spoke of his disappointment with McBrady.

"I feel that Lt. Cmdr. McBrady has not met Coast Guard-wide expectation of professionalism and decorum expected of an officer of his rank," Papp said. "Nor has he been a positive leadership example for the members of his 50-person crew."

McBrady on Wednesday said the firing stems from his decision to promote a crew member with a history of disciplinary reprimands. He said Papp did not agree with the promotion or McBrady's handling of the situation.

However, the differences in leadership styles do not make him a bad commander, McBrady said.

"I would not agree with that, and I would not think anybody in my crew would agree with that either," McBrady said.
I'd say McBrady is screwed, no matter what happens. Interesting, as most relief for cause come about because of inappropriate relationships or lack of accountability of bucks or bullets.

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