Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Could this be the future of Portsmouth's waterfront?

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Last night, our City Council got a glimpse of a possible future. The future
includes six high-rise towers, a waterfront park and a traffic circle that would become the new gateway to the city.
Not that I'd be amazed, but, knowing how our fair city screws things up, I'll be amazed. And, I'll be thankful I own a home right downtown. If this plan happens, things will change. Gone will be the parking lot next to the Federal Building. Gone will be City Hall and the courts complex. And, how about this one right close to home: The plan calls for
Closing the northbound lanes of Crawford Parkway, making the parkway a two-lane road and using the additional land for a waterfront city park.
While I remain ever pessimistic, and cynical, I'm also ever hopeful.

In the mean time, cheers to Ray Gindroz and Urban Design Associates. Check out their work. And let's hope our City Manager knows what he's talking about.
“In my experience, when a city does plans, they generally come true,” City Manager James B. Oliver Jr. said. “We have some really clear emphasis now.”
Yup. A pretty picture of a possible future.

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