Monday, June 13, 2005

The Filibuster

I'm all in favor of the filibuster in the Senate. It's one way for the minority to be heard. Recently, we had the whole uprising about using the filibuster to squelch judicial nominees; fourteen Senate moderates were able to work out a solution that saved judicial nominee filibusters and still sent Bush's nominees to the floor for a vote. Prior to that the Republicans were all up in arms about the filibuster. Now, I read this about a resolution in the Senate which will apologize for lynchings in the US. The resolution calls lynching "the ultimate expression of racism in the United States following Reconstruction." No shit.

So here's what has me all up in arms:
Seven U.S. presidents have asked Congress to end lynching. The House passed three laws to do so, but Southern senators filibustered each one. In a country that has never formally apologized for slavery, the Senate resolution stands as Congress' only apology for an injustice done to thousands of African-Americans.
Let me get this straight. Senators are pissed off because their colleagues use the filibuster to hold up judicial nominees, but they don't care that Senators have filibustered laws to make lynching against the federal law! What kind of shit is that?

I want the names of every single Senator that has filibustered against lynching laws. If any of them are still in the Senate, I think somebody ought to take them out behind the woodshed.

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