Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Site statistics for "Tidewater Musings"

Over the last couple of days, I've been checking the site statistics for Tidewater Musings. The blog is getting perhaps a dozen, maybe a bit more, visits a day. It seems we're getting traffic from two different places. About half the referrers appear to be coming from the MilBlogs Ring; it appears that often these visitors are coming from military domains. The other half of our visitors appear to be coming from references on various neo-Nazi and white supremacist web sites.

You have to admit: this is quite a combination.

Well, welcome all. I'm glad you're reading; I hope you're thinking. I doubt I'll change your mind about anything. Those of us in the military have a pretty ingrained way of thought. And, our white supremacist neighbors, well, you're probably pretty set in your ways, too. You will likely disagree with me more than our MilBlogger readers, but, if you keep an open mind, perhaps you'll pick up on something new.

Let me offer a post or two you might want to read to catch up. For those of you visiting from a neo-Nazi or other white supremacist site, you might find this of interest. For the MilBloggers, I leave you with this.

Then again, you might not give a damn about either post.

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