Friday, June 10, 2005

Who would'a thought...

Sometimes, well, sometimes you just don't know.

This past week, Cora Grove, a long-time resident of Greencastle, PA, died. She was 87.

Greencastle is on I-81, just north of Hagerstown, MD, and east of Mercersburg, PA, home to Mercersburg Academy.

Years ago, she worked at my high school alma mater, Saint James School, located just south of Hagerstown. She'd been the dietician.
Cora I. (Wagner) Grove, a Schuylkill County native, married John L. Grove in 1943, beginning a partnership that would endure for 60 years. She was an entrepreneur in her own right, operating several successful restaurants in Chambersburg (the Chuck Wagon and the Tropical Treat) in the 1950s. She was also the dietician at St. James School near Hagerstown for a number of years.
So far, nothing remarkable. An old lady who lived in the country, who'd been a dietician, died...

Here's the remarkable part: She was a philanthropist who last December gave away $3.5 million dollars, the last of a string of gifts.

And I don't think Saint James benefited at all. Mercersburg did; who would have thought the development folks should'a kept in touch with the dietician when she left the employ of the school?

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