Saturday, July 30, 2005

Body recovered next to CBBT

Divers from Virginia Beach recovered the body of the man who jumped from the CBBT yesterday. His body was recovered around 7pm last night in 35 feet of water. The man, in his early fifties, has been tentatively identified.

Here's what the local paper had to say before his body was located.
Police and the Coast Guard called off a search Friday for a man who ditched his car early Friday morning after a collision and jumped off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

Police said the driver sped past the toll plaza on the Virginia Beach side at about 1:36 a.m. At the 2½-mile marker, the BMW cut in front of a truck. When the driver of the BMW slammed on his brakes, the truck rear-ended the car.

The driver left the car, climbed onto the guard rail and jumped off the bridge.

Police have not yet identified the driver, but said the BMW had New York state license plates.

The truck driver was not hurt.
The story isn't quite right as the Coast Guard helo was still on scene searching when the body was recovered. I'm thinking that means the search had never been called off.

Cell phone records indicated the man left the Atlantic City area Friday late morning and traveled south down the Eastern Shore. He had to have made the southbound trip over the CBBT not much before he "sped past the toll plaza on the Virginia Beach side at about 1:36."

The man quit his job some ten days ago; he played golf with his former boss last Saturday. The man's wife is reported to be in Korea; some of his acquaintances thought he, too, was in Korea. He wasn't.

There's clearly some story here.

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