Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Stupid games our children play

Saw this about the death of a young boy in Idaho. Evidently, there's a game sweeping the nation where our youngsters attempt to asphyxiate themselves in order to get a "high."

A 10-year-old boy who died after hanging himself from a tree is apparently the second Idaho youth killed while playing a choking game.

The Fremont County sheriff's office said Dalton Eby apparently was playing a game known as the "pass-out game," trying to cut off the oxygen supply to his brain to achieve a type of "high." ...

"Dalton was found with the rope looped around his neck," the sheriff's office said. "There was no sign of a struggle, nor was there any physical evidence to indicate anyone else had been at the scene."

The statement added, "During the course of the investigation it was learned that there is a game that is common knowledge to many of our youth. A game known as the 'pass-out game,' the 'fainting game,' the 'tingling game,' or the 'something dreaming game' — to name a few," the release said.

Dalton's parents had never heard of the game, and neither had the parents of his friends, the sheriff's office said. That was also the case three months ago in Nampa, where 13-year-old Chelsea Dunn was found dead after apparently hanging herself in her closet.

A police investigation into her death was inconclusive, but Dunn's family believes she died accidentally while playing the game, which was popular with a group of girls at her East Valley Middle School.

Six girls at the Nampa school were suspended for a day after school officials reviewed a security camera videotape that showed the seventh graders choking each other in a hallway....

Young teens and children lack the judgment to understand that making themselves pass out can be fatal, said Connecticut-based child psychologist Dr. Lawrence Shapiro, the author of "The Secret Language of Children: How to Understand What Your Kids are Really Saying." ...

In addition to talking to kids about drugs and alcohol, parents should also discuss risky behavior like the pass-out game, Shapiro said.

"Younger kids don't know that they can die from this, that it's a very dangerous activity. Sometimes kids hear about it, that other kids are doing it, but they don't hear the rest of the story, the risks," Shapiro said. "It's like diving into a pool in the shallow end — parents have to tell their kids not to do it."

Nathan Hoiosen, a school resource officer with the Nampa Police Department, said youngsters think the choking game offers a "safe" buzz compared to drinking or doing drugs.
Talk to your children; I plan on talking to mine.

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  1. My daughter CoriAnn McDevitt became a victim of this horrible activity 6 days after her 13th birthday. I nor my family had never heard of this activity(I hate calling it a game because ITS NOT. I only wish I had this information 20 months ago so I could have educated my daughter about it like I did with all my children on risky behaviors, drugs etc. except we didn't know. We now go around to schools, churches,youth groups and such with a powerpoint presentation. We try to educate kids, adults, teachers about the dangers of this and how it can be deadly. Please go to the web-site www.deadly for more vital information on this subject. In doing so the life you save could be your own childs. Thank you for listening.
    Always MISSING & LOVING our Precious CoriAnn