Thursday, July 21, 2005

Watch out for the eyes

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Some people learn too late. That is, if they learn at all.

My Google News tool brought me Robert MacMillan's recent column from the Washington Post. It's another warning about blogging, blogging at work, and blogging at work & suffering the consequences.

I think the first thing I remind us all about is this: if you're going to attach your name to something, don't write anything you wouldn't want the entire world -- including your mother and your boss -- reading. If you feel the need to write something you wouldn't want your mother or your boss reading, well, make sure you're writing in a place which is truly anonymous... like a scrap of paper which is headed to the shredder.

Boston. Early July. Michael Gee, a 17-year-veteran of the Boston Herald. Took a part-time gig teaching at the journalism school position at Boston University. A blog. A blog about thoughts that likely ought not have seen the light of day.
Today was my first day teaching course 308/722 at the Boston University Dept. of Jounralis (sic). There are six students, most of whom are probably smarter than me, but they DON'T READ THE PAPER!!! Not the Globe, Times, Herald or Wall Street Journal. I can shame them into reading, I guess, but why are they taking the course if they don't like to read

But I digress. Now here's the nub of my issue. Of my six students, one (the smartest, wouldn't you know it?) is incredibly hot. If you've ever been to Israel, she's got the sloe eyes and bitchin' bod of the true Sabra. It was all I could do to remember the other five students. I sense danger, Will Robinson.
Yeh, there's danger... danger you're gonna get fired. Perhaps he should have stuck to writing about sports.

Then again...

Check out the comments over at Ms. Here are a few of my favorites...
As a university professor I was especially angered by this idiot's stupid and totally inappropriate comments. When I first began reading the blog I thought he was relatively young and immature but when I came to the part that he was twice the student's age I really flipped. This guy will never grow up; he will always be a sexist jerk.
I'm not surprised. I worked sports for a small newspaper in Los Angeles. As a woman, I found the male sports writers were not really journalists.

Sports that were dominated by women or upon which our media only focused on the women/girls (gymnastics or ice skating) or sports that were women only (synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics) were often trivialized.

If you follow your local sports section closely, you might detect similar problems. I no longer write about sports nor read the sports section.
Anybody who thinks teachers don't notice the physical appearance of their students is fooling themselves.

Any teacher who let's it effect their treatment of their students or conduct of the class is betraying a trust.

Any teacher dumb enough to put it in a blog deserves public humilation and loss of income, just like he's getting.
Or maybe...
I agree completely that Gee was out of line. But what I think is missing from this discussion is the fact that young women - I have a daughter in college, so I speak from some experience - these days dress no different, in many, many cases, than hookers. Where have we gone wrong that our kids dress that way? We blame men for objectifying women, but the women are dressing like objects. If you are half-naked, wearing skin-tight (and often, see through) clothing, you are naive to think men around going to look at you and think: sex. If you dress like you're ready for bed, that is how it will be interpreted. You cannot argue with biology and if we women are honest, we will admit that we use the female wiles to our benefit when we want to seduce someone ... however, nowadays, the women are dressed like they want to seduce someone 24/7. And then they cry "unfair" when a guy wants sex. Young women, especially in college, need to take responsiblity for how they act and how they dress and not blame everything on men.
Ah, I love a good dialogue amongst friends.

Wonder who's teaching that summer class now?

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