Wednesday, August 24, 2005

And we thought the McCarthy era was bad

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We haven't yet reached the place of public testimony in Congress, but I'm wondering about blacklists and the like. You might remember my earlier posting about Mr. Mitchell and his web service for posting hometown news releases -- good news about the military. Well, the plot thickens.
Thanks, for your encouragement and support. Quietly, I tried for two years to get CHINFO to order FHTNC to resume the feed of their releases. Well, today, I made up my mind that I had a website, and a blog, so why not use it! So, I changed the mission of my blog. Please visit, I think you will find it interesting.
I see the comment and I surf on over to his website... and this is what I find:
I suppose that I feel a little hawkish.

In my opinion, CHINFO's (Chief of Naval Information) lingering position regarding distributing FHTNC (Fleet Home Town News Center) releases to is no longer understandable, nor excusable. Every day that passes, our Sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and their families are being deprived of the morale boost that comes with seeing ones "name in print."

After the Virginian-Pilot published an article about my situation on August 8, 2005; I got an anonymous email from someone that I have come to think of as Deep Throat II (pronounced "deep throat aye, aye" as in navy lingo.) I believe from the information that he (I don't know that it is in fact a he, but I will use "he") has provided is within the the Public Affairs career field, and knows all of the key players in CHINFO. He says that he isn't in CHINFO's office, but I wonder...

One of the most disturbing things that D.T. II revealed is that within CHINFO's empire, there is a list of websites to be shut down. I find that thought very chilling, and it sounds a lot like McCarthyism. A "lot like" hell, it is McCarthyism.
Damn. The Navy Office of Information has a list of websites they want to shut down? All because the sites are promoting positive news?

I'm afraid I wouldn't doubt it. Hell, there might be folks who want Musings shut down as I don't always speak the party line.

I'm thinking it might be time for a slew of us to exercise our rights and submit Freedom of Information Requests for all written and electronic documentation pertaining to non-DOD Internet websites which publish information about the Navy, the Department of Defense, or other United States government agencies the Navy and/or the Office of Naval Information monitors and/or seeks to limit or cease publication.

Perhaps if the blogosphere starts chattering, someone will listen.

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