Wednesday, August 31, 2005

And you thought the stories on the news were whacked

Crazy stories coming from New Orleans.

My sources tell me that the Coast Guard facility on Lake Pontchartrain has been looted. Evidently, the facility, recently commissioned, was evacuated -- check out the picture above and you'll see why. Anyway, they evacuated... and local citizens decided to go in and loot and ransack the station.

At least that's the scuttle I'm hearing...

Crazy times.

Another story. A couple of Coasties were out last night with local authorities, helping with rescues... on a boat... you know, as Coasties might do... Evidently they were attacked and had to skedaddle to save themselves.

Not likely we'll be seeing unarmed Coasties doing rescues if the people who they're trying to rescue and are going to pull guns or knives.

Many conversations around the office about the film on TV this morning showing the looting... including a NOLA police officer looting a Wal-Mart store... I guess it's one thing to loot for food, but televisions, stereos, large kids toys... How can a person justify that?

I guess the same way they justify attacking government representatives who risk their own lives in order to save others.

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