Friday, August 12, 2005

Daily horoscope delivered to my inbox

A year or two ago, I signed up for one of those daily horoscope things... you know the ones -- a daily email with some dribble... I haven't opened them in months... until today...
This is an excellent day for making peace, Peter. In an area of your life where you have been experiencing stress you could soon feel a sense of healing. Maybe your work life has been driving you crazy. Today some solutions could come to light, such as a lead on a new job. In the relationship arena, an ongoing argument might be resolved. By day's end, you should feel a renewed sense of energy and calm.
Time to get moving, I guess...

For giggles, I surfed over and tired out the daily tarot card reading. Hey, if people can play poker online, why shouldn't we be able to get tarot readings? Anyway, here's mine for today:
Love: The Chariot
Touchstone: The Hermit
Career: Strength

In your love life, you have a tendency to act like a bull in a china shop, dear Peter... And the result: everyone runs away, frightened! That at least is the message that the Hermit gives out today. Don't let your passion ride you, or your impulses, unless you want to find yourself all alone in front of your television screen tonight, feeling sorry for yourself... At work, anything that involves a team of people or cooperation with others could be problematic. Your colleagues and superiors are represented by the Hermit, and you get the distinct impression that they are turning away from you and behaving in a very distant, even hostile, manner. Instead of just resigning yourself to this state of affairs, make use of the energy that comes from Strength, in order to straighten things out. You'll see that you have the internal resources to react appropriately, and to be positive despite the odds.

You can get your horoscope or tarot reading by surfing to Astrocenter at MSN... ;-)

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