Friday, August 12, 2005

Dove Girls... a new ideal

Have you been tracking the Dove Girls advertising campaign? Even Newsweek is commenting.
Even if you haven’t seen Dove’s "Campaign for Real Beauty," you’ve probably heard about it. The ads promote a new line of skin-firming creams and feature six "regular" women of varying sizes and ethnicities cheerfully posing in plain white underwear. The curvy nonmodel models were introduced by Dove in June, but newspapers across the country are still simmering with dueling diatribes about Dove's selection of women who are neither skinny nor camouflaged in sexy clothes. Everyone seems to have an opinion about whether the women are a revolutionary rejection of the superthin media ideal, or just nice girls who are too chubby to be up on billboards wearing next to nothing.
I'm thinking perhaps we need new notion of what the ideal is.

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