Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Patience, baby, patience

We Americans want things now, immediately, pronto. Al' Quaida waited years between attacks on the World Trade Center; no need to rush things, you know.

And now I learn that thieves in Brazil are willing to plan and dig for months for the ultimate in a bank heist:
Behind a Brazen Brazilian Burglary
Thieves Tunneled For 3 Months to Get $67.8 Million

By Stan Lehman of the Associated Press

SAO PAULO, Brazil -- Thieves spent three months tunneling under a busy city boulevard in northeastern Brazil to break into a Central Bank vault and pull off the biggest burglary ever in South America's largest country.

The crime that netted $67.8 million was remarkably similar to a tunnel heist last year in which more than $1 million was stolen from a Sao Paulo company that transports money for banks. The suspected mastermind of that caper reportedly had escaped from prison three years earlier -- by digging a tunnel.

The vault in the city of Fortaleza, about 1,550 miles northeast of the capital, was plundered over the weekend "by a group of highly sophisticated thieves," said Sabrina Albuquerque, a federal police spokeswoman.
Most of us wouldn't be willing to dedicate three days to the task, much less three months of tunneling and months & months of planning.

Guess I wouldn't make much of a thief.

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