Friday, August 26, 2005

So what, exactly, does the Chief of Information do?

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Our friend at Gunner's Blog has been quiet of late, so I got to wondering what, exactly, the Navy Office of Information is supposed to do -- you know, aside from keeping a hit list of web sites they want to shut down. I think I found the party answer.

The Navy Office of Information is headed by the Chief of Information (CHINFO), a Rear Admiral, who is the direct representative of the Secretary of the Navy and the Chief of Naval Operations for Navy-wide public affairs matters.

Our job is to inform Navy men and women, their families and the American public on key issues relating to the Navy-Marine Corps team.

We are also charged with working with national and international media, and community relations on a national level, and providing public affairs policy and guidance to public affairs officers, Navy journalists and civilian public affairs specialists serving the Navy worldwide. CHINFO is also responsible for production of print and broadcast internal information products through its subordinate command, the Naval Media Center who produces and distributes its products such as Navy News , All Hands magazine, and the Navy-Marine Corps News, a weekly half-hour television program seen across the U.S. on many cable outlets. The products are availabe on the Web at Navy NewsStand.
Being a little slow, I'm wondering where targeting patriotic websites comes in. Or websites operated by American citizens who are exercising their rights to free speech.

Oh, right, under informing the American public on key issues relating to the Navy-Marine Corps team is the caveat that they are the only ones permitted to publish news.

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