Tuesday, August 02, 2005

This blog is unclassified

Ouch. Here's the tale of a blogger who let slip some information somebody thought ought to have remained outside the blogosphere:
An Arizona National Guardsman serving in Iraq has been demoted for posting classified information on his Internet Web log, an Army official said Monday.

Leonard Clark, 40, was demoted from specialist to private first class and fined $1,640, said Col. Bill Buckner, a spokesman for the Multi-National Corps-Iraq.

Soldiers in Iraq are allowed to maintain blogs or Web sites but cannot post information about Army operations or movements. They also are barred from posting information about the death of a soldier whose family hasn't yet been notified.
No word as to what Clark blogged about.

In the mean time, Clark remains tight-lipped and in compliance with a gag order. More to follow.

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