Saturday, August 20, 2005

Words sometimes come back to haunt

So sometimes in the heat of the moment, brash young professionals say "stuff." And then, year's later, they're no longer young and brash... well, they're no longer young, anyway...
As a lawyer in the Reagan White House, John Roberts scoffed at the notion of elevating Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor to chief justice as a way to close a political gender gap, calling it a "crass political consideration."

On another topic, Roberts, who was nominated as a justice by President Bush last month, advised the White House to strike language from a description of a housing bill that referred to the "fundamental right to be free from discrimination." He said that "there of course is no such right."
I wonder if Judge Roberts wants to eat his words. I wonder if thinks his appointment was in part based on a political consideration that the President did not want to appear to bend to the feminists and nominate a woman. Would that, too, be crass?

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