Monday, September 12, 2005

Already speculation on the next FEMA director

And what I've seen doesn't include pundits following my notion:
President Bush has appointed two FEMA directors – former campaign manager Joe Allbaugh and Brown, who was Allbaugh’s friend and college roommate. Neither had emergency management experience before joining FEMA.

The pressure, given FEMA’s response to Katrina, will be on Bush to appoint someone who has managed disasters in the past, such as James Lee Witt, who was FEMA’s director under President Clinton. Witt, was Arkansas’ emergency management chief, and got bipartisan praise.

He was aboard the USS Iwo Jima this morning as Bush was briefed on relief efforts.

Another option is to bring along a political heavyweight to show that the administration is now paying attention to disasters. Names such as former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and homeland security advisor Fran Townsend are among those possibilities, but the job, which carries an undersecretary of homeland security title may be too small for them.
Yeh, I guess a guy with presidential aspirations wouldn't want to be an undersecretary.

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