Friday, September 02, 2005

And the beat goes on

Taking my time today: providing oversight to the search & rescue process here in southeastern Virginia. I think it's going to be a long weekend. Our rythem here is the controller, one's on watch 24x7, in the command center gets the information and starts prosecuting the case. Then he (all our controllers right now are men... purely coincidental, believe me) calls me; he briefs me & we brainstorm... he goes back to working the case and I call my boss, the commander who's in charge of "response" here at the sector.

Seems convoluted, doesn't it? Well, sometimes, the middle guy -- the CDO -- is a third wheel, but most of the time not. Another mind on the case can help with prosecution... think of stuff the other person hasn't thought of... feed off each other... in a good way, that is... For me the briefing process isn't just about telling seniors the news... it's about making the best decision, collectively...

Anyway, today's tales so far... minor compared to the folks in NOLA, but... currently have a shrimper who became disabled and taking on water 50 miles off shore early this morning; send out the Bravo (or "ready") patrol boat. They're still coming in, 11 hours after launching... two disabled pleasure craft cases; they resolved themselves with a little help from local authorites... and now a swimmer in distress... launching on that one...

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  1. Peter,
    Great site, really brings this whole thing together -- and reminds me we are all chomping at the bit.
    Daren Lewis
    a D13 AUXIE