Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The beat goes on

Photo of a Coast Guard Jayhawk over New Orleans today. Lifted from Yahoo. Photo AFP/POOL by David Phillip.

I swung by the incident management watch here in Portsmouth. Standing watch were three or four guys I knew and half a dozen I didn't know. I'd say it was controlled mayhem, but that would be a lie. It appeared to be mayhem. I'll be standing the "resources" watch; appears fairly brainless. Read incoming message and email traffic. If it's addressed to Atlantic Area and it's a request for resources, copy the request into a "task" in the shared Microsoft Outlook task-box and yell over to the logistics guy he has a request to fill. Oh, and answer the phone.

For this I have two masters' degrees? Tough. Tough watch.

I'd much rather be doing critical incident stress management interventions or participating on the DART or pulling bodies from the water or shoveling muck at the ISC.

The Coast Guard has saved more than 23,400 people!


  1. You need to come down off that throne you've put yourself on. You tried to help me in May 2003 and it really only made matters worse.
    BM3 Daniel Ferrell

  2. Boats,

    Sure, I'll step down...

    Sorry to hear that any help I tried to provide really only made matters worse. Certainly any time I attempt to help out a shipmate, I do it with the best intentions. I guess sometimes things don't work out. That was certainly true during the call-ups and demobilizations of early 2003. I'm sorry for whatever pain and tribulations I may have caused you. I can only hope that by now, some two-plus years later things aren't as they were. I apologize. I'd be interested in hearing what went wrong; I try to learn from my mistakes, and hearing your story would help me learn -- in this case what *doesn't* work when trying to help out a shipmate. You can reach me off-line at pastinson at gmail dot com.

    It also sounds as if you might be figuring the powers-that-be have put me in a place I can't do much damage... perhaps so. Pretty hard to screw up reading the message board...

    Altus tendo,

    /s/ Peter S.

  3. With all due respect, you guys need to take this off-line. With all business and government there are going to be issues which should not be public information.
    Mr Stinson, if you are unhappy with your position you should speak to the detailer, not broadcast it on the internet.
    PO Ferrell, I have known Mr Stinson for a long time. He only has the best intentions for helping shipmates. If you have issues you should address them up you chain of command and not attack a superior officer on the internet (or anywhere else for that matter).
    Good day gentlemen,
    A concerned Coast Guard BMC

  4. Peter (or Pete?)

    I found you by way of Washingtonpost. I linked to an article there about the Coast Guard, then this morning found people coming from washingtonpost (referer) I thought WTF....turns out its Technorati (again...). and saw your link there.

    Glad I stopped by. I am envious you got to do so much, and still be around the Guard for so long.

    "For this I have two masters' degrees? Tough. Tough watch."

    Ha, I guess it takes two MS's to get things done right???