Thursday, September 01, 2005

Deployments from Hampton Roads start today

Going wheels up from here in Hampton Roads today are two RB-S crews and one UTB crew; Sector North Carolina is sending one RB-S crew and one UTB crew. They're flying to Alexandria, Louisana, in a Coast Guard C-130 this evening.

Here's what they've been told to bring with them (things in addition to uniforms and personal protective equipment): sufficient cash to sustain personal needs, a sleeping bac, a cell phone with a car charger, a cooler, water & other drinks, non-perishable food items, and any other "self-sustaining items deemed necessary."

We checked; the RV isn't going to fit on the C-130... but the pop-up camper will...

Flying by commercial air to Alexandria are ten search & rescue controllers, four communications watch standers, and two watchstanders for the incident management team.

We're also sending five incident management team watchstanders to St. Louis.

Of these 21 Coasties shipping out today, four of them are from Sector Hampton Roads; the remainder are from other locations in the Fifth District.

Looks as if Sector New Orleans, responsible for all CG ops in and around New Orleans, has set-up an incident command in Alexandria, LA; Sector Mobile remains in Mobile (at least as far as I can find out from here), and the Eighth Coast Guard District -- usually at home in downtown New Orleans -- has moved its incident command to St. Louis.

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