Sunday, September 11, 2005

DHS running scared

Not wanting to make the same mistake as with Katrina, DHS has designated Rear Admiral Peterson, the D7 Commander, as the prospective Principle Federal Official for the federal government's response to Hurricane Ophelia. I guess Coast Guard flag officers are going to be the PFO for all hurricanes now... ;-) Perhaps DHS realized we might know what we're doing?

So, RADM Peterson tracked north to pre-stage. Looks now like Ophelia will be further north than originally anticipated, so Peterson is headed to Raleigh in the morning. That's right: the D7 Commander will be in the D5 AOR and serving as the Secretary's designated PFO.

To hell with geographic boundaries.

The D5 Commander is in D8; the Chief of Staff is in NOLA; the D7 Commander is in D5. And all are serving in operational (vice just visiting) roles.

It's a new world.

Semper Gumby, baby, Semper Gumby.

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