Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Here's a book I'm going to rush right out and buy

Ms. DeBrecht, a mother of 3, studied political science & history as an undergraduate at Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame.
The tragedy of Hurricane Katrina has exposed an ugly truth about liberals, and parents need to teach this to their kids, according to the author of a controversial upcoming children's book.

Katharine DeBrecht -- the author of the soon-to-be-released "Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed" (Kids Ahead; hardcover: $15.95; ISBN 0976726904) -- dismisses the notion that parents should not talk to their young kids about politics. If anything, she claims, the behavior of liberals following the flooding of New Orleans shows that parents with traditional values need to take a hands-on approach to making sure their kids aren't bombarded by left-wing messages.

"Liberals don't hesitate in pushing their extremist ideology," says DeBrecht, the mother of three and a co-captain of her state's Security Moms for Bush. "Their actions in the wake of the tragedy in New Orleans shows this only too well."
Ms. DeBrecht has a blog, with all of one post. It's titled The Untold Story of Katrina, but doesn't tell a whole lot. Clearly, however, she's hoping to use the tragedy of Katrina to mobilize readers to her book.

I can see it now: Elliot cuddled in my lap as I hold the book in my hands.

((Don't be content with only a teaser of this post; read more of this musing.))

"Elliot, you remember the other night at dinner we were talking about the government's response to the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina, and how I thought the Coast Guard did a pretty decent -- although not perfect -- job in responding, and how I thought both Admiral Allen and General Honore were examples of fine public leaders exhibiting strong leadership skills? Well, this book is going to teach us how to be afraid of pundits & politiciansns, and particularly liberal pundits & politicians. Liberal is a dirty word. Can you say liberal? Progressive is a dirty word, too. Can you say progressive? Well, now let's read this very interesting and instructive book about how those ugly liberals and progressives want to knock off lemonade stands across America."

The book has stirred up some conversation in the blogosphere. Here's one. And another. And this one. And this one with a link to the book's website.

I can hardly wait to get my copy to start reading to Elliot.

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