Wednesday, September 14, 2005

An informal message from the Commandant:

I seem to have missed this; here's the Commandant's email which forwarded the below from the aviators.

From: Collins, Thomas ADM
Sent: Wed Sep 14 08:27:43 2005
To: lst-CCS-Flags-SES-HQ; lst-CCS-Flags-Field
Subject: Katrina Rescue Efforts


Below you will find a field Cdr account of the incredible efforts of team Coast Guard in response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Upon reading it, it was clear to me that you all would want to share in the comments, conclusions and observations of the Co's involved … especially since Coast Guard men and women from all corners of our service game to the forefront to do their utmost in this emergency. I was on scene in LA and Miss last week … the extent of damage and the conditions under which our folks operated, especially during the first several days … effectively and safely … have been a thing to behold. The CO's sum up the reasons for the success we realize during that 1st week at the end of their "letter" … I could not have expressed it any better!!

The work is not done. Our focus now is on environmental waterway and port issue. Bob Duncan and the 8th with help from across the CG will continue to shine!! We will be at it for a while. In addition, as you know, Thad Allen is at the forefront of the PFO efforts for S-1, contributing his considerable talents to the massive and complicated interagency efforts (body recovery, hsg issues, unwatering, etc ,etc).On another front Brian Peterman has been designated prospective PFO for the current east coast hurricane. Again, testimony to the credibility and value that our service brings to the nation and to our citizens.

Many Cg men and women suffered personal losses (homes, personal efforts, etc)… much efforts effort has been expended and will continue to be expended to take care of our own … Ken V. has put out word on some of these efforts … more info to follow.

Tks for everyone's contributions to these efforts.

Warm Regards,
Tom C.

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