Thursday, September 01, 2005

Just how crazy are things?

I know some folks thought I was nuts yesterday posting about the Coast Guard station getting looted or Coasties nearly loosing their lives when threatened by people with guns and knives.

That's okay, I thought the world was going nuts when I heard these things.

And then I found this gem posted several hours ago:
My coworker's brother is one of seven doctors who have been left behind at Charity Hospital. His name is Vinroot, I'm sorry, I don't know the first name. He is in a panic--the doctors have barricaded themselves on the seventh floor because armed gunmen are outside threatening them and demanding access to the roof so they can be rescued first. He is desperate. Someone needs to help these people NOW!
"Whacked," I tell you. "Whacked."

Here's another indicator the world is off its rocker. A Coast Guard attorney has written a one-page summary for CG personnel; the summary is titled Hurricane Katrina Coast Guard Force Protection. I can't remember the last time I saw a summary of authority and use of force for a humanitarian mission. The document is marked For Official Use Only so I will not give it away here; however, I'll say that it does note that Coasties have the right to use reasonable force to protect themselves and other individuals, and it specifically cites protection of people "while engaged in SAR" operations.

I think Tuesday night scared more than just the two Coasties who were out helping survivors.

For years to come we'll be telling tales about this week.

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