Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Like old home week

Standing watch here at the incident management team is like old home week... a handfull of watchstanders here and in the command center (on the other side of the door) are shipmates I've stood watch with before.

And then, when I was surfing, I found an article about another former shipmate, LT Matt Baer, formerly the ops boss at the old Group Hampton Roads and now a station CO.
U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant Matt Baer and his crew patrol the waters of Puget Sound surrounding the western U.S. city of Seattle, Washington.

Their main job is to protect the ports, ships, and commuter ferries from a terrorist attack. Lt. Baer says, "With Seattle being one of the largest ports on the west coast -- and in the entire country -- the effect that some terrorist attack or something else could have on this country by affecting this port, it would be huge."

Lieutenant Baer's patrol area alone stretches some 120 kilometers north to south running up to the Canadian border. There's plenty of shipping traffic here to keep track of, including hundreds of international cargo vessels, oil tankers and private boats.
Across the Coast Guard, the regular ops continue as we wind down the rescue ops along the Gulf coast.

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