Friday, September 02, 2005

A little delayed, but a summary of significant events as of this morning

As of early this morning, here are some details (with a Coast Guard flavor) of goings on along the Gulf coast. And I apologize for the delay in posting this stuff... sometimes the info doesn't flow as quickly as I'd like... even in the internet age, 1057 miles is still a long way.
Over 4000 survivors rescued to date. Coast Guard MEDEVAC’d all ill or injured evacuees from the Superdome yesterday.

Toruo Hospital was completely evacuated by a combination of CG and Department of Defense aircraft.

48 aircraft from 9 Coast Guard air stations are operating in Sector New Orleans' area of responsibility, focusing on rooftop rescue and hospitals from the Causeway to the Lakefront, south of I-10, with a priority on hospitals.

A Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer required stitches from a cut received during rescue ops.

A Dolphin HH-65 helicopter touched down with its wheel up, no injuries. minor aircraft damage.

One Eighth District incident management team watchstander was hospitalized for 48-hours due to stress.

583,000 cases of MREs – 6 million meals, 9 million pounds of ice, 200,000 cases of water are being distributed.

DoD is establishing a 500-bed field hospital at New Orleans International Airport.

The number of Army helos involved in SAR ops has increase to 12, 2 Navy MH-47 Heavy Lift Helicopters will be made available today.

Status of Coasties:
  • Eighth District staff (located in New Orleans) has 19 Active Duty, 10 Reserve and 18 civilians unaccounted for.

  • Sector New Orleans personnel accounted for.

  • Integrated Support Command New Orleans accounted for 93 active duty members out of 166.

  • Sector Mobile has three members from Station Pascagoula unaccounted for.
A sour note to end on. May all the unaccounted Coasties be as lucky as Fats Domino.

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