Thursday, September 01, 2005

The little things are sometimes big things

Yesterday on the drive home I heard a story on NPR of some folks down in Mississippi. The power was out; it was hot; they were miserable. And then, during the interview, the power came on and there were tears of joy.

I noted yesterday that I have shipmates in NOLA. Forwarded thrice, I finally received word from two of them. From Scott:
I'm on a dial up connection... just a quick note to let you... (pls fwd to lst-QPC) & others... Scott is okay. I'm high & dry in western Florida. My property & car may not fair so well... it is one of the higher locations in the city however due to the 2 levy breaches that have occured, it may not be spared. I really can't tell you or anyone too much more as CNN is really what I've monitored at this point. I managed to escape New Orleans with the clothes on my back & a few spare sets of clothes.

As for Joy, I only can hope she is okay. I talked to her by our cell phones on Saturday around 1pm when I was evacuating New Orleans... & her son & daughter were evacuating at that time... her husband & her had not made the plan to leave at that time. I left a voicemail message with her after the hurricane hit but haven't heard back.

My cell phone is not working properly as it's hard to get &/or receive calls at this time.

I had leave coming up so as of this coming weekend, my plans are still to be at a wedding that has been long planned up in Rhode Island... which I am looking forward to.

That's the quick on me & what I know... take care of yourselves!

Happy to be alive & checking email when I can/get the chance, Scott
And from her partner:

Hi y'all,

Scott mentioned in a voice message (cell phone service is intermittent) that he'd received an e-mail from Dorothy. Don't know if this will reach either of you, since I haven't updated my address book recently.

I'm safe in Baton Rouge, moving from my sister-in-law to my daughter's home today. Expect to be able to get back to my home on Monday. I haven't got a clue what I'm going back to though, we're not getting any news about Plaquemines. But I'm hopeful! Don't know when we'll get to stay, they're saying they'll let us in to get a few personal items but we'll have to leave possibly for a month!

I don't believe Scott has faired well either although I don't know for sure. It's very likely he'll be displaced even longer then I.

See ya!

I am relieved my friends are okay. And they are just two among millions who find themselves as refuges.

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