Tuesday, September 06, 2005

More positive Op/Ed bits about the Coast Guard are popping on the net

And, I think there's a good chance we're going to see more.

I wrote last week about the Village Voice essay. Today, it's the Washington Post saying good things.
The Coast Guard's response to Katrina in recent days has again illuminated the importance of capable leadership and a clear chain of command in agencies during a crisis. Hopefully, as Congress moves to probe how the government handled the Katrina crisis, the Coast Guard can serve as a model for fixing what's wrong elsewhere in Homeland Security, including what many perceive as poor leadership at the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
As I've noted, we're not perfect, but I guess we're good.

We had helos pre-deployed before Katrina came ashore; they were flying SAR as soon as the winds dropped to 45MPH.

Two Katrina-related blogs worth surfing: The Interdictor, a first-person account from NOLA, and Deadly Katrina, more of a news summary blog.

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