Monday, September 05, 2005

Nothing left of Coast Guard Station Gulfport

I was over at Google last night, checking out Google Maps; they've added a really cool function if you're looking at New Orleans; you can compare the original Google satellite picture with one taken late last week. Just click on the Katrina button.

Remember that Wal-Mart that was looted? A friend of mine had said that Wal-Mart would have taken the stuff as a loss, anyway because of the flooding. Nope. High and dry. And the two Coast Guard facilities didn't look as bad as they might have. The Integrated Support Command on the Industrial Canal (right near the breach in the levee to the 9th Ward) looked better than I thought it would. The industrial part of the ISC is under water, but that's to be expected since it is on the water side of the levee system and always gets flooded. The admin buildings appear, however, to be not wet. The breach in the levee was across the canal; all the water went the other way, into the 9th Ward.

The station and sector building on the Lake P (I can't spell it) looked to be about the same... right near a breach in the levee system, but the water went the other way.

Hmmm... two Coast Guard facilities... two main breaches in the levee system... both breaches within a stone's throw of the Coast Guard facilities... and both breaches take water away from the Coast Guard... hmmm...

But then there's Station Gulfport... It's a goner... Check out the pics... Can you tell which is before Katrina visited and which is after? And that's not really so bad when I start to think about the homes of the station personnel...

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