Monday, September 05, 2005

Some Coasties are squared away... and some aren't

You'll remember I posted earlier about a picture I found on flickr. Well, I've been floundering, trying to find it, and this evening, while I ought to be putting the finishing details on some of my civilian work which I had thought I could deal with later this week but now with my impending recall I really need to do it now but I'm in procrastination mode, I found it. I was at Yahoo and surfing the news, looking for Coast Guard pics and news. And, lo and behold, after looking at near on several hundred pics, I found it.

And here's the link to it. The caption reads:
A heavily armed Coast Guard sailor maintains a vigil around the facility in New Orleans on Thursday, Sept. 1, 2005. The facility is under heavy guard after incidents of rampant looting and a general breakdown of society following Hurricane Katrina. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)
As I look at the pic, I see how, indeed, it is Station/Sector New Orleans. There's a berm around the station on the land side, and that's what he's standing on. You'll perhaps also remember that I reported last week that the building had been looted.

I'm still struck, however, by his lack of a uniform blouse and his rolled up sleeves. Like he thinks he's James Dean or something. And no hat. I can't seem to find the pictures in the uniform manual that show this as an optional ODU outfit.

Compare that image with this one.
Coast Guard E-4 Brian McClain guards the entrance of the New Orleans Ferry Terminal as victims of Hurricane Katrina are escorted inside in the flooded city of New Orleans on Friday, Sept. 2, 2005. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)
Petty Officer McClain is one squared away Coastie. He's wearing the ODU properly. And check out how he's holding his weapon as compared with James Dean. Petty Officer McClain can work for me.

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